Management, Consulting, Project ManagementHourDayWeek
Standard, Full Rate$175$1,225$4,900
Non-Profit Organizations$150$1,050$4,200
Standard, Full Rate$110$770$3,080
Non-Profit Organizations$95$665$2,660
  • Billing occurs on or around the first of each month and/or at project completion. That is to say, hours worked in a month, regardless of project status, are billed on the first of the following month and are payable due the 10th. When a project is complete, final billing may occur prior to the first of the month and are payable due net-10.
  • Terms: Net-10
  • Projects are billed for time, in 15-minute increments, according to the rates above.
  • Direct expenses (materials, supplies, sub-contractors, travel, etc.) are billed additionally plus 15%. Client approval is secured before final selection, and hiring, of sub-contractors.
  • Projects are generally established with a not-to-exceed cap. That is not to say that the project may not take longer, and thus more hours are billed; rather, it is to say that work will not continue to proceed when the established not-to-exceed cap is met without client approval.
  • Progress reports available at client initiative. Otherwise, Greatifiers will provide a project report, with incremental examples of work, weekly.
  • Terms subject to change.