We know it is good… let us help you take it to great. We are the Greatifiers.

How might we help?

The team at Greatifiers has developed expertise in helping organizations take their good thing and make it great. We don’t have a product, or a one-size-fits-all plan; we have trained ears to listen, keen eyes to see, and real-world experience to implement your vision with the resources you have or can reasonably attain.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Communications and Marketing
    We can help you craft and land your message. We are skilled writers and editors. We have photography, video, and audio in our toolbox; there is not a medium that we cannot tackle.
  • AVLM
    With Donny Neary on our team, his expertise in audio, video, lights and media are available to you and your team. Donny is also skilled in broadcast video and audio. He is expert in assessing your current gear and personnel to get the most out of what you have; we are ready to help you take your production to the next level. We are available for consulting, training, troubleshooting, or support for special events. We also have business relationships, or can assist using your supply channels, should you need help securing and installing new gear.
  • Systems and Governance
    We have helped organizations big and small (from Microsoft to small businesses to local churches) get the most from their operations. We are skilled in helping you build productive leadership structures, and also have expertise in aligning governance documents for a vibrant future.
  • Project Management
    We are resourceful project managers. Do you need to handoff a critical project into trusted hands? Let’s talk soon!

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Contact us at dan@greatifiers.com